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The unique

Smart Body Concept

The SYMBIONT system is the revolution in measurable training optimisation. The system assists its wearer throughout the entire training cycle – in the analysis and evaluation of the current performance level, through continuous training development and in the focused setting of personal training incentives.


Integrated sensors measure body composition, muscle activity, movements, pulse and heart rate among other factors. The collected data are evaluated and interpreted via specially developed algorithms and analysis software.


Optimising training translates into noticeably and visibly improved performance results. Electrodes integrated into the SYMBIONT suit provide targeted, pleasant-feeling low-to-medium-frequency stimulation current to selected muscle areas.


The collected data and wearer-specific reports enable SYMBIONT users to continuously optimise and adapt their training regimen in line with their individual preferences and goals.

Functional &

The revolutionary SYMBIONT Smart Body Concept is designed for user comfort in concert with the necessary functionalities for body activation, stimulation and development. Behind every seam, every electrode and every little detail there is but one thought: to maximize wearer performance and comfort.

Unique Features

  • Specially designed SYMBIONT control pad
  • The SYMBIONT is positioned on the upper back, affording optimal freedom of movement and performance
  • Measurement of muscle and heart activity during any kind of training
  • Made of specially developed high-tech textiles
  • Extremely easy to put on over underwear or directly on the skin
  • Optimal fit and integrated dry electrodes ensure optimally simple handling


Currently in development for both IOS and ANDROID smartphones, the SYMBIONT app will give users access to their training data, reports, optimisation potential info and workout suggestions anytime and anywhere. The app will turn the user’s mobile phone into a convenient SYMBIONT control device that is intuitive to use, individually configurable and always up to date.


Connect with the SYMBIONT Community, interact with other athletes and benefit from a trove of individuals’ training experiences. Right there on your smartphone. SYMBIONT Connect opens the door for users to become part of the SYMBIONT Community, whether to access the trainer network, share current workout data or backup data online. Anytime and from anywhere.

Optimised Performance


Regardless of whether SYMBIONT is utilised by high-performance athletes or health-concerned sportspersons, the personalised variability in use enables users of all ages and performance classes to optimise their performance results. Indoor and outdoor.

Training data
Performance Analysis
Specific EMS software
Optimised stimulation

Training with
maximised efficiency

The innovative SYMBIONT Smart Body Concept offers absolute flexibility for all aspects of modern health & performance training. Guaranteed achievement of performance targets: real-time measurement of performance data, scientific training protocols and electrical impulses for stimulating and re-educating muscles. It also ensures that both insufficient and excessive training regimes are avoided.  

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